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   ¡Hello, friendly miner! Your absence is walking by my side.

Basic data of the trail:  (Translated by Mónica and Elizabeth)

- Promoter and producer: Guardo Town Council
              Santa Bárbara Street, 2, 34880 / + 34 979 85 00 76
- Localities: Guardo
- Total distance (Length): 7,65 km.
- Type of route: circular
- Level of difficulty: Low
- Recommended season: the whole year.
- Accesses:
          From Palencia by c-615: 96 km.
          From León through Almanza: 87 km.
          From Oviedo by AP-66 and Cistierna: 180 km.
          From Santander through Reinosa-Aguilar: 166 km.
- Estimated duration in both directions: 2 h 15 min
- Cumulative elevation gain:182 m
- Cumulative elevation loss: 182 m
- Maximum elevation: 1253 m
- Minimum elevation: 1096 m
- Elevation at the beginning: 1096 m
- Elevation at the end: 1096 m
- Ciclability: 90%
- Overlap with hunting activities: Be cautious in hunting season. Wear clothes in bright colours and don’t leave of the paths.
- Vanishing points: Most of the route goes by paths relatively close to roads.
- Other trail labels:
          - Trail with elements of geological interest.
          - Trail with elements of environmental interest.
          - Trail with elements of historic-artistic interest.
          - Trail suitable for the technique of Nordic March.
          - Trail suitable for children.

- Severity of Environment: (1) The environment is not exempt of risks.
- Orientation of the itinerary: (1) Paths and crosses well defined.
- Difficulty of the trip: (1) Smooth surface.
- Amount of effort: (2) 1 to 3 hours of effective walking.



          It is fascinating to get into the Monte Corcos with tons of paths and a variety of possible routes available. We enjoy a forest that holds an important ecological richness. With outstanding beauty due to its vegetation, it is one of the best oak forests in Castile and Leon.    

        Maps (IGN): Valderrueda 131-II y Guardo 132-I                   Route made on October 25, 2009, ...., 24-06-2018
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